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Spread your love for walking with other people in your community and start a WEWALK walking group

Share your passion

Share your enthusiasm for walking as a trained walking professional. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Help others

Support others with their fitness goals by helping them adopt a healthy walking lifestyle.

Become a leader

Develop your skills and leadership experience as an official certified walking professional.

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Become part of a global community of walking instructors across over 16 countries worldwide.


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WEWALK Group Leaders have a shared set of values that inspires them to become a walking trainer. 

Passion for walking

WEWALK leaders have a huge love for walking. Share your passion with others and become part of a world community of walking enthusiasts.  

Love for helping others

Helping others is at the core of what it takes to be a walking trainer. Support other people and help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Interest in community leading

A key part of being a walking trainer is building community. Hone your leadership skills and cultivate a group of people who love walking together. 

Motivation to get started

Do you get up every morning with the motivation to start walking? Walking training is all about consistent healthy movement and staying energized. 


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Welcome to the WEWALK Walking Group page. WEWALK was started to inspire a movement of people who walk together around the world. 

WEWALK is an international walking club chain that enables people to maintain weekly outdoor activity through walking. We created WEWALK to share our learnings with others and to instill a passion for walking around the world.

WEWALK has grown to be an internationally-recognized company in over 16 countries. WEWALK is the world’s largest grantor of walking training certification and the leading provider of group leader education.

Launch a walking group with WEWALK and benefit from all the company has to offer. From a global brand to dedicated customer support, your walking group will grow from the strength and breadth of the WEWALK family.